Screenshot of Kinonk


Kinonk is a Pentominoes program written in C++. Pentominoes is a two-player board game, where the goal is to be the last player to put a pentomino (piece composed of five squares) on the board. Kinonk can also play Katamino, a variant of pentominoes. Kinonk was originally written for a end-of-high-school project, so there is an extensive report available with the package.

Kinonk uses a simple bruteforce algorithm and can play any position perfectly if given enough time. You can constrain its time by giving an arbitrary time limit or simply let Kinonk analyze everything.

Kinonk uses scons instead of the more traditionnal make for building itself. You will need it if you want to build the sources. A makefile might be written someday.


Future Directions

It would be good to have a GUI available for playing more easily. Some day we might write one but if you are interested in participating, your help is welcome. Please send your patches/ideas to either one of the authors.

There are other items on the TODO list


Kinonk was written by Sebastien Vasey and Yann Schoenenberger (yann dot sch at gmail dot com).


The Sourceforge release page contains old pre-packaged releases.

Kinonk is available both as a Pacman package (x86_64 only), or in source form. For source or Pacman installation, please refer to the Generic download and install instructions.